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Ryder Cup Accommodation FAQ

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Ryder Cup Dates & Venues

Q: Where is Ryder Cup 2020 taking place?
A: The Ryder Cup 2020 golf tournament will take place at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, United States.

Q: Where is Ryder Cup 2022 taking place?
A: The Ryder Cup 2022 golf tournament will take place at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Guidonia Montecelio, Rome, Italy.

Ryder Cup Accommodation

Q: Are accommodation prices for one week or two?
A: In general the prices listed are for a stay of one week over the period of the Ryder Cup event unless the owner has specified differently. Remember many home owners will be happy to negotiate a price and will be flexible with the amount of days you wish to stay.

Ryder Cup House Rental

Q: What does it cost to list my house on Accommodation for The Event?
A: See our Ryder Cup House Rental page for advertising details and prices.

Q: Do you take a commission on the properties rented?
A: No, when your property is booked as Ryder Cup accommodation the renter is charged a booking fee which facilitates all costs of insurance and administration. Or, the homeowner also has the option to take control and deal directly with the Ryder Cup attendee renting your house as Ryder Cup accommodation, with this option there are no additional fees.

Q: Do I need to be situated near the event to advertise my house?
A: Properties should ideally be within 90 minutes drive of the venue. The closer a property is to the Ryder Cup venue or one of the designated park and ride locations the greater it's desirability will be.

Q: Asking price - How much should I charge?
A: When setting an asking price take the following factors into account. The number of bedrooms (how many people you can accommodate), how close the property is to the Ryder Cup venue, how private the location is (ie. detached, semi-detached, private land) and how much are similar houses in your location asking for. If you are unsure on an asking price please contact us and we will provide you with assistance.

Q: When should I start advertising my house?
A: We are now accepting listings for The Ryder Cup 2020, Ryder Cup 2022 and Ryder Cup 2024 events. In general the earlier a property is advertised the more exposure and visibility it will get.

Q: How do I make a payment to list my house?
A: Payment can be made by credit card online or by cheque.

Q: How long will my house be listed?
A: All properties are listed until the end of their respective Ryder Cup event dates or until you request to remove your listing.

Q: Can I modify my listing?
A: Yes you can modify or remove your listing at any time. Simply login to your account to manage your listing(s). You will need to use the email address that was used to submit the property.

Q: What are the benefits of advertising on

A: is dedicated to advertising and promoting accommodation for large events including the Ryder Cup. In the exciting build up to previous Ryder Cup events our website received over 150,000 hits in one month and over 6,000 hits in one day alone. We have advertised accommodation for all Ryder Cup events since 2006 including the most recent events in Minnesota 2016 and France 2018. Our site attracts thousands of golfing enthusiasts from around the world and provides easy access to accommodation for upcoming Ryder Cup events.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare my house?
A: Try to keep your house contents and furnishings to a minimum. Remove any personal items, clothing, cash etc. and provide the basic furnishings and appliances. For example beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, TV, phone, kitchen appliances and utensils. Extra comforts like cable TV and broadband Internet access will increase the desirability of your house.

Q: How are enquires to my listing handled?
A: We encourage people to list their name and phone number so they can be contacted directly by interested guests. We also provide an online form with your listing for people who wish to contact you via email. Enquiries made via the form are emailed on to your own personal email account.

Q: How should I handle bookings?
A: As a guideline we suggest homeowners request a non-refundable booking deposit and a 10% safety deposit in advance and require the remainder paid in full prior to arrival. Safety deposits are returned to renters upon a full inspection of the property on the last day of their stay.

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