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Ryder Cup 2023

Venue: Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

Location: Guidonia Montecelio, Rome, Italy

Date: Fri, September 29th 2023 – Sun, Oct 1st 2023

The Ryder Cup 2023 golf tournament will take place at Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome, Italy. The Golf Club previously hosted the Italian Open in 1994 and is located a short distance from the heart of Rome.

Tickets: For ticket information and availability please go to the official Ryder Cup website.

Travel: Travel and venue access restrictions may apply. For information on renting your property for the Ryder Cup 2023 go to Rent your house for the Ryder Cup 2023 .


Use the Ryder Cup 2023 location map below to plan your visit to the event.

Rent your house for the Ryder Cup 2023 in Rome, Italy

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