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Tips on renting your house for The Ryder Cup 2021

1st January 2021 by Admin

One survey from 2018 shows that homeowners who invested time in preparing good photos of their interiors found that it brought a 15% or more boost in achievable rental price. Here are a few easy tips on how to set up for a great interior photo.

1. Set the dining table with plates, glasses and cutlery.
2. Add colour to make your photo pop.
3. The best photos have plenty of natural light so pull back those curtains! Go one step further with additional lighting wherever possible.

When describing your property be sure and mention any golf courses that are within 45 minutes of your location because attendees are coming to play golf as well as spectate.

Rent a home for the Ryder Cup

Super homeowner Suzie knows how to inject some joy into a space. Suzie merged her whimsical, imaginative design sensibilities with contemporary, sleek style when showcasing her home, ensuring comfort and a pleasant stay for any Ryder Cup attendee.

 renting a home for the Ryder Cup

When it comes to your space, we encourage people to try to do something different. Guests attending The Ryder Cup want a unique experience that they just won’t get at a hotel. Attendees are looking to immerse themselves in interesting spaces, new environments, unforgettable golfing experiences, and add a little cheer into their lives.

Last but by no means least, a cosy welcome pack or basket of goodies upon arrival says; “You are very welcome to our home, we hope you have a pleasant stay, and thank you for choosing our home”.

Renting your house in Sheboygan Wisconsin for The Ryder Cup 2021 can really bring joy to other people. We hope these tips help you to present a great property listing.


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